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FYI Our Newsletter is filled with exclusive content and weekly favourites.

Travel Guide: Mexico City


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Travel Guide: Mexico City

January 14, 2019

Travel Guide: Mexico City

Mexico City is such an exciting place right now to visit! The city is filled with so much culture, authenticity and hidden gems. It’s a culinary experience you can’t compare to many other places, the restaurants are so beautifully designed and the food is exceptional. We tried to hit as many places as possible and here is a round up of the notable ones I would recommend to anyone…

Written By Kayla Seah

Let's first begin with the restaurants, because those were the true show stoppers in this city.   



This was my favorite meal in Mexico City, I loved absolutely everything I ate! A fresh take on Mexican food in a cool hip atmosphere.

Havre 77

A french restaurant with simple, fresh dishes in a beautiful old mansion.

Maximo Bistro

A farm to table restaurant, with seasonal and local dishes that are constantly changing!



Le Tachinomo Desu   

This low profile Japanese restaurant was one of my places to go at night! There is no signage outside, just a sliding door that leads you to a small standing bar, where they serve 5 dishes, natural wines, sake with great music. Upstairs, there is a Tokyo Music Bar which is a great spot post dinner. 

Mog Bistro

Continuing with the Japanese food, we went for lunch at Mog Bistro on our last day and were so incredibly happy that we ended the trip on a high note. Some of the best ramen and dumplings I've ever had. 

Other notable restaurants:





Four Seasons Hotel

We stayed at Four Season's during our trip and we loved it! Impeccable service, great location and the comfiest beds ever. It's also home to Fifty Mils, which was named top 50 bars in the world!

Nima Local House

If you want to stay in a more boutique hotel then try Nina Local House. It's quaint, beautifully decorated and feels instantly like home. We went for breakfast one day and fell in love with it's charm. 

The city is filled with amazing coffee shops:

Rico Coffee 
Cicatriz Cafe
Panaderia Rosetta Havre


Casa Gilardi 

One of the most interesting places we visited was Casa Gilardi house which was designed by Mexican architecture Luis Barragen's. It's such a unique house to explore, I would highly recommend booking a tour there! 


Loose Blues
Goodbye Folk 
Market La Ciudaela

There is so much to discover in Mexico City, it's a place you definitely want to return to, to see more!



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