Welcome to Tommy Land

LOCATION:Venice Beach, California


Welcome to Tommy Land, where fashion isn’t taken too seriously and creativity has no limits. This season, Tommy Hilfiger moved his show to the west coast and let me tell you this was #notyourstandard fashion show! I read an article the other day from Fashionista that said “Tommyland is a place where boredom is impossible, because there are eight million things going on at once.” I couldn’t put it better myself, as soon as our uber pulled up to Tommy Land, it felt like we were at Coachella. The lights, rides, food, music was all so lively, it completely brought me back into that festival mood and my fashion adrenaline started running. The show was filled with colourful prints, bold patterns and chiffon dresses that perfectly embodied that West Cost style. Of course, the show didn’t just end on the runway, it continued all evening with a live performance from Fergie, where the champagne kept pouring while Tommy Land turned into a dance party. How with Tommy every be able to top this one….well after experiencing this magical night, I really have no doubts.
Watch it all below and shop the runway instantly!

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