Weekend Pickup

Jacket: MISGUIDED (similar here)



Flats: RACHEL ZOE (similar here)

Hat: & OTHER STORIES (similar here)

Scarf: ACNE 


Our weekends usually start off pretty slow and relaxed, the mornings involving a very long breakfast followed by a stop at the market and a flower pick-up to spruce the apartment. I’m normally a person who likes to run off a planned schedule, but on Saturdays it feels so good to let it all go and see where the day takes me.


We ended up not celebrating Halloween this year, which I didn’t think would really phase me since Germany doesn’t celebrate it to the extent we do back home in Canada. But as I passed a few kids running around the streets and teenagers throwing eggs off balconies on Friday night, a rush of Halloween memories came flying back to me and I realized how much fun of a holiday it’s been every year. It’s funny how something small like the smell in the air, a little kid in a ghost costume, or the disgusting mess of yolks outside my apartment can give you such nostalgia. I don’t think I will ever skip Halloween again… 



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