Tsukiji Fish Market


I saw a lot of interesting things during my time in Japan with Contiki holidays, however the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo was an atmosphere that had me completely blown away. This is not your standard fish market, after all it is known as one of the worlds largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day!

Restaurant owners arrive at the crack of dawn just to have a chance to get in on the tuna auctions that take place in one section of the market.  It’s incredible to see the competitiveness of this trade, it sure made me appreciate the quality that some of these chefs strive for in their food. The wholesale area is where all my images are from and trust me it was difficult to focus on getting the perfect shot. You constantly have to be aware of what’s going on around you, these guys mean business and nothing will stand in their way of selling fast and efficiently. I’ve always had such a fascination with quality food and markets however a fish market wasn’t really on my top of must-sees in Japan, it’s reasons like this that I felt fortunate to be travelling with Contiki, they were able to guide me to a spot that I might not have given much thought to see in the first place.

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