Take It All In

LOCATION:Allan Gardens

Photography by: ERIN LEYDON

The past two weeks, my life has been slightly chaotic so I apologize for this delayed blog post. I returned from Paris on Wednesday, flew to Montreal on Thursday (stay tuned….big announcement coming to the blog this week), and off to NYC on Friday for New York Fashion Week. New York has been bitterly cold but still absolutely wonderful – how could you not enjoy yourself in this city!? If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you know I have been busy with shows, presentations, and behind the scenes seeing all the madness behind the how the shows go off. It has been truly humbling for me to see just how much time and effort is put into the creativity and beauty of a show. Another reason you haven’t seen a blog post in the past week is because there have been some events that have made me step back and think about life. I am trying to enjoy every moment and experience I have by living in the present and not missing the big picture. In the social media world we live in, it is so easy to get distracted and miss the world that is right in front of you. I have always prided by blog on quality, not quantity, so I want to be engaged in the places I travel to and the people I meet. Live in the present, say, “I love you” to the special people in your life, and never take anything for granted.

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