5 Ways to Stay Motivated for the Gym

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There truly are few things I appreciate more in life than the opportunity to travel, but if I had just one quibble it would be that being abroad doesn’t lend well to being physically active and sustaining an even decently healthy diet. In fact, getting back into that pattern is one of the things I look forward to most upon coming back home. Staying motivated on a hectic schedule, on the other hand, can be quite the challenge – I know it’s definitely something I struggled with when I first started this business full-time.

By committing to ambitious, but attainable goals, holding myself accountable, and taking in some external inspiration along the way, I’ve struck a balance between a healthy lifestyle and busy career. Here are five ways I remain committed to the cause…

1. Schedule your workouts so you know exactly when you are going and when you are not. By planning your days off that week, you’ll avoid the internal battle of when and when not to go and have a goal to work towards.

2. Put on your workout clothes – and make sure you love them. High quality, breathable, comfortable workout clothes make all the difference for me; I need to feel good in them in order to perform my best. I also tend to throw mine on in the morning, which gives me no excuse not to go.

3. Find inspiration on Instagram. I follow certain health accounts for two reasons: 1. They give me great new ideas to switch up my routines; 2. They make me feel guilty when I stumble upon them on my home feed, kind of like a reminder that I should be doing something good for my body instead of staring at my phone.

4. Increase your productivity. I feel way more productive on days I get a workout in, and it’s a great way to break up 12-hour workdays from home. I feel noticeably sharper and have better posture during the second half of days where I go to the gym in between.

5. Understand that it’s a lifestyle. I received an email the other day asking me about my secret, that it seems like I can just say yes to anything delicious. Let me confirm with conviction that there is absolutely not a secret, and that I have to muster the willpower to say no to plenty. No one said this would be easy! I avoid flour and white sugar as much as possible, don’t eat red meat or poultry, try to cook the most natural way possible, and am adamant about my workout schedule. Like I said, it’s a lifestyle and will certainly require some disciplined commitment.

Of course we all have our indulgences – I don’t think anyone could convince me to turn down a cannoli in Italy – but like all pleasures in life, moderation is key. I’ve never had the type of metabolism that can handle not being conscious about what goes into my body, and have grown to appreciate the perks of a healthy lifestyle as a result.

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  • I agree with all these points 🙂 What kind of workout do you like the most?

    x Aurora

  • that second shot is so beautiful !

  • Denise

    Your tattoos are great! 🙂


  • I think 1. is the most important since surprising yourself with a workout is awful! Having planned days means you know when you’ve got to work out and so you feel responsible/guilty to do so! I think the best thing to do is find a work out you like – I hated working out so I never would until I found work outs I enjoyed and now I try to stick to them.


  • Nico

    These are great tips!!

    An easy way to wear CULOTTES on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  • Kirsten Wick

    Fabulous tips, thank you Kayla and I’m so in love with the workout pants, they look amazing! Kirsten xx


  • belle rivoli

    I started few months ago and I couln´t be happier with the decision!! I also see pics on we heart it hahaha



  • That’s pretty sums is up! A Lifestyle needs commitment and sacrifices to lead to success 😉

  • Lovely post Kayla 🙂 I’m always searching for some inspiration for my workouts ! And that’s right… It’s a way of life, a lifestyle – something that will last, forever 🙂

    Kiss, Carla.

  • I completely agree Kayla! there is such a noticeable difference on the days when i get a workout in. So much more energy!

  • Zoe

    I love using instagram for inspiration, it’s great for finding new moves & tips!


  • Leah

    Those leggings are amazing. Great tips!

  • totally fitspo body! you look amazing, girl i admire you and your lifestyle choices!


  • Elisa

    .-Hi, those are good ideas! Im happy to share with you healthy tips!