Floral Print Shirt: Marcél

Shorts: Designers Remix

Shoes: Blush

Sunglasses: Vintage 

Bracelets: Jenny Bird


Before I got into the world of blogging, I went to university in Toronto for Fashion Communications/Design. My program was small in number but extremely large in ideas. I never had a doubt that the people I studied with side-by-side for your years would go far, but it has been just amazing to see what my fellow classmates and good friends have done with their talent. Some are becoming stylists in New York, others are designing spreads for major magazines, and there are a few who have launched their own labels. Which is exactly why I was so thrilled to style my friend’s graphic tee from her new label; it truly makes me happy to see peoples’ ideas come to life… I know how hard the process can be to get there, and even harder to stick with it.