LOCATION:Rome, Italy


I first visited Rome when I was a senior in high school. I went for a one month Art History program that would not only provide me with a high school credit, but it allowed me to tour around all of Central Italy. It was my first time that far away from home and Italy had just won the World Cup, so as you can imagine the city was one massive party. I know it sounds exciting now,  but at the time, I was so young and naive that I had not prepared myself for a country that takes their soccer so seriously, among all of the other culture changes you feel when you travel as a teen! I remember thinking Rome had an incredible amount of history but it was also loud, dirty, and just one big drunken party. Fast forward a decade later and I had the opportunity to revisit this amazing city again and I’m so happy I did. Rome is truly magical – I discovered a real charm about it that I didn’t think existed before and the main difference is I feel like I experienced the city as a local; we ate at REAL Italian restaurants (which I found out aren’t as common as you think), visited neighbourhoods away from the main tourist spots, and mainly fell in love with every cobblestone street I walked on. I’m really looking forward to sharing a lot more about this city in the coming weeks!

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  • OMG!! Love this look!

  • Simply a cute casual and adorable look for Summer! Love love ❤️

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  • Firstly, I ADORE your amazing outfit! You look so fabulous sand that tee shirt is so fab – La femme indeed! I love how you’ve paired it with this gingham skirt!

    I LOVE Italy – the style, the fashion, everything is so charming!


  • Catarine Martins

    I just love everything about this outfit Kayla. So casual and cool at once.
    Talking about Rome, i would love to visit it. I just had been to Milan in Italy, but Rome is a must visit for sure. And off course, experiencing it as a local is totally different (and better) than being just on the touristic spots.
    Have a great day.

  • Glad you got another opportunity to visit Rome again, Kayla! 🙂 I always believe that it’s different when you experience a place as an adult versus as a teenager. Loving this super chic outfit, btw! <3 🙂

  • Pardon My Obsession

    I love this tee so much !!

  • Lourdes Martin

    loved this outfit – especially that t-shirt!! 🙂


  • Anna xo

    Absolutely in love with your outfit! Everything is complementary to each other and goes with the vintage vibes of the streets. These pictures are stunning, and what a lovely background! xx