Organic Beauty

I’m very cautious about everything I put into my body and onto my skin. Take a look at the list of ingredients on the back of your creams and beauty products – it’s scary what companies are allowed to put in there. It may be a little more expensive to buy organic alternatives to your everyday brands, but it’s hard to argue against the benefits to your beauty and health.


I was delighted to stumble across Hamburg-based Stop The Water While Using Me for this exact reason, featuring a range of products from hibiscus Brazil nut shower cream to all-natural almond fig body oil. I loved their cucumber and lime hand balm, locking in moisture so there’s no need to re-apply every hour and without a lasting oily feel. The complete range, of course, is free of artificial ingredients, colors and preservatives, which you can probably tell by the zesty, refreshing smell alone. The company has also stopped animal testing and is committed to raising awareness of the water we waste during our daily routines.


Remember when I said one of my goals was to give back in a meaningful way the other day? Though I’d like to be more directly involved in a cause, I was happy to find out Stop The Water While Using Me is currently in the midst of their Tanzania Sky Water project, which works together with NGO ped World to harvest water from fog and supply it to school children in the Dareda region who would otherwise struggle with access to clean drinking water. These are exactly the type of consumer products worth investing in.