Name Of Love


Photography: ERIN LEYDON 

I’m thrilled to share this special editorial with you today. The inspiration behind this post all started about a month ago while I was in Miami and got a late night call from my sister to tell me she was engaged! I was at dinner with friends when I literally screamed and ran from the table, completely ecstatic for the two of them and overwhelmed with emotion that my big sister was finally going to get married. We have a very close relationship so I already knew my sister wanted two things – not to have an over-the-top wedding and that I was going to be her only bridesmaid. In fact, I knew she wanted me to handle a lot of the wedding details – which is music to my ears! I originally wanted to get into event planning way back when, so anytime anyone asks me to plan something I throw myself completely into the task! Naturally, as soon as I got back from Miami, the wedding inspiration started kicking it and I thought it was the perfect time to shoot a couple dresses I have been wanting to share with you.

We all know the horrible nightmares of finding beautiful bridesmaids dresses; the good dresses are few and far between and, let’s be honest…its never something you want to wear more than once. Queue in Name of Love. Born out of the desire to bring more beauty to the bridesmaid experience, Name of Love is a curated collection of bridesmaid dresses for the modern, fashion-forward bride. These dresses are stunning, elegant, and subtly unique in their details. The best part is that the two very talented ladies who created Name of Love, just so happen to be old friends of mine from University where we studied Fashion Design & Communications together. I’m so incredibly impressed with what they have created with this brand. Not only are the dresses gorgeous but the site is designed to perfection. They have beautifully constructed a place for brides and bridesmaids alike to shop and collaborate on what dresses they both envision for the wedding day, making it a seamless experience no mater where your wedding party is located geographically. When my sister found out about this, she was in complete heaven – a stress free process for a bride is not something you commonly hear of.

I opted to wear two of my favourite dresses from the 14 styles they offer: the Georgia in Blush and Sophia in Champagne. The fabric and tailoring in these dresses are impeccable and I found myself endlessly twirling in them as they hung so elegantly from the body. I know a lot of people got engaged over the holiday season, so if you are already on the search for the bridesmaids dresses, look no further than Name of Love.

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