My 4 Favourite Skin Care Travel Products

When I travel I have to be very selective with the skin care products I take or else I’d be paying for overweight luggage on the regular. I only allow myself to bring the essentials and the most appropriate products that will target my skin in the most beneficial way. I think quality skin products are the most crucial to maintaining healthy, glowing skin – this is not a place to cut corners, find what works for you and invest. Especially since travelling can really irritate the skin due to certain climate changes, difference in water, air pollution and overall fatigue. For the past few years, I’ve really focused on what works best for me when travelling and I’ve narrowed it down to my 4 products that never miss a trip:

1. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque – This is one of my favouirte cleansing masque that helps to purify skin and minimize pores. It’s a white clay that gently draws out oil, dirt and toxins that clog our pores. Let’s just say this masque saved my life after Coachella, all that dessert dirt and hot heat did not leave me skin feeling good. I like travelling with this specific one because it’s light weight and it’s perfect for late nights in a robe, in your hotel room.

2. Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Eye Cream – I’ve always been a little obsessed with eye creams but this one in particular just made the top of my list. It reduces puffiness which I find I always have after flying and it helps the appearnce of fine lines and dark circles.

3. Lancome Absolue Night Precious Cells –  My skin is already incredibly dry so when I travel the difference in air has a huge affect on my skin. This night cream is incredibly hydrating and works all night long, making my skin a lot happier in the morning.

4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil – Since travelling usually involves late night dinners with a few too many glasses of wine, my face the next day can look swollen and blotchy. I like to use Kieh’s midnight recover oil before applying my night cream, it really helps replenish my skin with it’s distilled botanicals and it visibly restores the appearance of my skin in the AM.

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