Moet Sunset


I’m taking you back to our first evening in Ibiza with #bloggerbazaaribiza where we all came together at sunset and celebrated the start of our week with MOËT & CHANDON. All I can do is smile when I look at these pictures, it was complete happiness to sip on some bubbles, feel that warm summer heat and dance the night away with these girls. We began the evening with some tapas and introductions with some of the brand representatives we would be working with in the following days, there is nothing like a little champagne to the get conversation going. Not to mention these little golden drinking funnels that make it classy to drink out of the bottle. After dinner there was nothing left to do but dance and that’s exactly what we did!

Moet & Chandon is hosting a contest for a chance to win the perfect sunset package, be sure to check it our and enter here.

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