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Tank Top & Leggings: RITUALS

Lately, it’s been a bit of a challenge to find time to myself, time to just relax and de-stress. With moving across the world, finding a new place, maintaining the business and travelling to fashion weeks this month, life has been a little chaotic.

I’ve had to really learn some new practices to be able to turn off my brain and truly relax after my day is complete. First thing I do is get comfortable, these leggings and tank top from RITUALS Soulwear collection is exactly what I love to wear around the house. I’ve never been a big sweat pants person, so I find leggings and a tank to be the most comforting for me.

The other practices I’ve been performing are things I’ve learnt from the new RITUALS app. This app teaches you ways to unwind, by providing you with tips, music, quotes, ideas and food suggestions. The “Magazine” section in the app has taught me the importance of evening routines and how to breath and focus when it’s time to fall asleep. I’ve never been the type of person who can lay their head down on their pillow and drift away into a peaceful sleep. My brain always starts turning and I begin to worry about 100 things I need to complete the next day. Now I try to drink more herbal tea, spray the calming Yin spray and focus on my breathing to be able to meditate into my sleep. I find when I practice these routines, my following day runs a lot smoother. I feel energized, my mind is sharper and I don’t get as anxious – huge help to being more productive. It’s funny how simple rituals can be so hard to maintain and yet are so critical to how our body functions.

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  • Definitely going to check out this app, it sounds great! x

    Brigitte |

  • I also love leggins to be around the home and just relax, so I got you, and definitely will check the app. Xx, Regina ** Alana & Kyra

  • Yes, having time to unwind and relax really makes such a difference 🙂
    Loving this new app that you’re introducing <3 I'm always looking for ways to help myself get some downtime!
    Thank you!

    xo, elizabeth t.

  • Steven Howards

    These are gorgeous pictures. Please don’t cut your feet out of the photos next time, that’s what adds additional sexiness to photos by companies like American Apparel.