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And just like that, another New York Fashion week is over in the blink of an eye.  Attending NYFW was a different experience for me this year as oppose to previous years for couple of reasons. First of all, my sister (my new NYS team member!) was able to attend 5 days of fashion week with me which was just great for me. Not only because she was actually able to keep up with my emails and keep me organized, but also because it was one of the rare time she was able to see ‘A Day in the Life of Not Your Standard’!

Having my sister aboard the craziness that is fashion week was amazing, but the main reason NYFW was a memorable one this year is because of an announcement I have been dying to tell you guys about. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you will already know that I have wanted to tell you guys more about who I teamed up with this year… here it goes:

This year, I, along with 3 other bloggers/vloggers have been chosen to collaborate with Maybelline and be a part of their first #MaybellineSquad. I can’t even express what an honour it is to be chosen to represent a makeup company that I have supported and used for so many years. So what does being a part of the #MaybellineSqaud mean? I will be sharing with you beauty tricks and tips on how to wear my favourite products, giving you the inside scoop on newly released items, and bringing you along for the ride as I share my experiences with this amazing beauty brand and group of successful women! Check out the rest of the squad:


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So now that you know the big news, here is a bit of what happened during NYFW…

Before leaving
Friday for New York, I flew out to Montreal, QC for a full day of shooting with my #MaybellineSquad

Friday we headed to New York for day of shows, fittings and presentations. We kicked of NYFW with a bang by heading to squad dinner followed by the Maybelline Party where Gigi and other Maybelline ambassadors attended. She truly is just as stunning in real life as she looks in photos! Even more, if that is possible. The party was a fantastic way for our #MaybellineSquad to get to know each other better over makeup, music and a few drinks.

During the day, I went to a couple of shows and presentations that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. That night before dinner we attended the Made for Maybelline Lounge, a spot to grab a drink, test out new product and get some brow tips from their leading team. We later headed to Beauty and Essex for dinner – now I know NY has a million great places to eat, but if you are even in the lower Manhattan area, you have to check this place out!

Our #MaybellineSquad had backstage access to some incredible shows that Maybelline was doing the makeup for. Grace Lee is the lead make-up artist for Maybelline and to say she is an amazing woman both professionally and personally is an understatement. To see how these artists take a sketch on a paper and make it a reality on the model is really something to see.  A highlight for me was heading backstage for the Public School show. The look for the models was undone creating an elegant grunge feel. Afterwards we headed to Jonathan Simkhai’s show, which was all about subtle highlights and blush tones. I picked up some backstage tips, that I’ll share in upcoming beauty posts. 

I am so excited to be working with an incredible company this year, and I can’t wait to share with you what’s to come!


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