Make it Memorable

Photography by: Le 21eme

Jacket: Y.A.S
Sweater: GESUTZ
Culottes: Carin Wester
X Ring: Elizabeth & James
Boots: ZARA (similar here)

Some clothes you try on and immediately know that you’re going to wear them over and over again; they instantly become a basic wardrobe staple. Then there are the “special clothes,” the ones that you know you might only wear a quarter amount of the time but you still need to have them. These culottes can be categorized into the latter category for this season.

Even though I don’t pull them out every week, the times I do are memorable; I feel confident, bold and chic. You will remember where you wore those grey Carin Wester culottes; you won’t remember the basic jean and tee combo. One of the things I love most about fashion is clothing that creates style memories, something to keep in your sartorial archive. These kind of showstopper pieces are great in my closet, which is exactly why I chose them for my the part two of my shoot with EDITED and streetstyle photographer Adam Katz. They are the perfect pants for jumping along these wide cobblestone streets. Love them or hate them, they sure make a nice conversation piece.

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