Lost In The Thrill Of It All


Jacket: TIGHA
Jeans: LEVIS 
Sunglasses: ROCCO
Shoes: SENSO
Necklace: MASH

It felt so good to be back in America, driving down the desert roads in our Cadillac on route to Coachella. The windows were down, our hair was blowing in every direction and we were singing at top of our lungs. Sounds incredibly cliche but you can’t have a road trip any other way.

We stopped along the way to take advantage of the desert back drops and shoot our festival looks. I went for the classic Levi’s denim short, adding some fringe and finishing the look with a Tigha white leather jacket. It was one of my favourite outfit combinations I wore during Coachella, it was my classic style with just a little mix of boho.

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