Live in Levi’s

Jacket: LEVI’S

Jeans: LEVI’S


Do you remember where you wore your first Levi’s? My first real memory was back when I spent the summer in New York. I stumbled upon this vintage shop somewhere in the East village and found the perfect 501 denim shorts. They fit like a glove as soon as I tried them on; isn’t that just a great feeling when you find the perfect pair to fit your body?


Every summer I get so excited to bring them out again because they represent so many stories of late summer nights, early mornings at the beach, and outdoor concerts. The things they’d say, if these jeans could speak. But it’s probably best they can’t because they’ve been through some interesting experiences, to say the least…


There’s nothing more classic than great denim – whether a jacket, jeans or shorts – and Levi’s ages like an exquisite wine. Today I teamed up with the iconic denim brand to style my new favourites for the cooler months ahead; a ridiculously comfortable boyfriend jean and a trucker jacket that I will use year-round. The real question is: how do you #LiveInLevis?


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