Japanese Markets (Part 1)


A few weeks ago I took the trip of a lifetime to Japan with Contiki Holidays. A group of media influencers from around the world were selected to experience Contiki’s Japan Unrivalled 10-day trip, and I was lucky enough to be included among this talented group of people. I had grown so accustomed to European and North American culture that it was enlightening to experience something completely out of my element.

I finally had a chance to sort through the thousands of photos I shot throughout my tour; today’s the first day of five this week where I share my experience.

We started our trip in Tokyo – a city that I will definitely return to one day – continuing through the country to explore Hakone, Hiroshima, and Kyoto before wrapping up in Osaka. It was my first time travelling to Japan and I was in complete awe of how the country has preserved its traditions within such a modern society; the Japanese seem to have found the perfect balance between custom and innovation, which is what makes each city and its people so incredibly unique.

I’m starting off this Japan week with my favourite photos from all the different markets. From fascinating food creations to eye-catching ceramics, I saw it all… I just wish I’d brought an extra suitcase to fill with trinkets and ingredients for my return home. I could have spent hours upon hours within some of these markets, watching men and women perform their craft with such precision and care.

Most of these images are from the Nakamise-Dori market in Tokyo, a 250-meter lively pedestrian street filled with food and souvenir stalls. There’s something that draws your attention in every little corner, and you should definitely come hungry. My first choice was the green tea and vanilla ice cream, with some green tea mochi for the road to Hakone.



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