Sweater: ESPRIT 
Flares: ESPRIT

Photography by: ERIN LEYDON

As much as I love that fashion, beauty, and putting myself together on a daily basis is part of my job, I sometimes find myself so concerned with getting the outfit, makeup, or camera shot just perfect and finding the smallest imperfection to focus on. I remember sitting around with my girlfriends when we were younger and going around in a circle discussing what we would change about ourselves if we had the chance – oh the superficial insecurities of girls at a sleepover!

I have recently teamed up with Esprit and their #ImPerfect campaign which promotes taking all of our little imperfections that we focus on negatively, and instead use those imperfections to stand out and be memorable. The key message is to freely be yourself and have fun with everything you do and don’t focus on it not being perfect! If you’re not a good dancer, or can never put the right outfit together, don’t worry – just be confident and comfortable with how you do it, because your imperfection is what makes YOU perfect. This gorgeous sweater and pant combination from Esprit’s Spring line pretty much had me twirling all day. Comfortable clothes makes all of us more comfortable to freely move how we want. Participate in celebrating individual freedom of expression and get your Esprit on by uploading a picture of your #ImPerfect moment.

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  • Michelle Joseph

    Love the outfit, especially the cardigan. It looks so cosy and cosy is what I need right now.

  • This is a great message Kayla! Thank you!

  • Love the movement in this photos, which I think is key in order to capture that poncho. Great look!


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  • Samantha Cossick

    Love this whole look, especially that sweater! — SC at http://www.samanthachic.com

  • Kristina

    Great outfit and such a beautiful message!!
    ♡ Kristina

  • This look is so gorgeous! The shades are stunning and the photos are amazing.
    Perfect outfit, perfect post girl.

    Camy xx

  • What a great story. I love the idea of being true to yourself and I am also trying to talk about the importance of natural beauty and inner glow on my blog! I think you look lovely. xx

    AGNESE from http://www.theblogness.com

  • Loving this inspirational post and message from Esprit <3 It really is so important to love yourself for who you are, despite imperfections, because that's what makes each of us unique and special 🙂 Such a gorgeous and comfy outfit too!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Tatsujiro Kurogane

    I laughed when I saw the #ImPerfect campaign billboard at a bus stop the other day, so if you get a chance, tell Esprit to use less obviously douchey models for any future editions, especially the weedy hipster fucktard that looks like he’s channelling the worst excesses of the lead singer from the Spin Doctors. It’s not that he couldn’t look normal with a shave and a haircut, but you just know anybody that chooses to look like that also paid so little attention in school he reads the slogan as I’m Perfect, and that only perpetuates double ironic hipster retardation. Best of luck.