How to Style Your Desk

 I have always been the kind of person who needs to work in the right environment in order to feel inspired and motivated. Which is why I thought I should finally share another part of my home, an area where I spend a lot of my time: my desk. It’s taken me a while to get all the little details in place, but I’m finally getting there! Here are some mandatory items on my desk:

1. I always need fresh flowers on my desk; it completely changes a room.

2. Natural light. I need to be by a window or else I go a little stir crazy. You need something to daydream out of. 

3. A stack of my favourite magazines. Inspiration at hand. 

4. Pretty little mugs, jars and tea cups to store things in. 

 I’m still on the hunt for a chic desk lamp and some cute storage… so stay tuned for more of my workspace! 



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