Healthy Travel Tips

Travelling a lot definitely has its ups and downs on my body. Irregular schedules, crossing time zones, constant exposure to public environments and switching between cuisines can be quite a whirlwind. Trying to maintain my healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Another blogger I was recently sharing a house with in LA praised me for me for not giving into all the junk food surrounding us. As much as I was flattered by her compliments, what I was happiest about was her desire to do the same – she just didn’t know how to do it.

And that’s the inspiration behind this post; I’ve realized eating a certain way makes a major difference for my energy levels, skin, and mood, which is why I stick to these habits and guidelines whenever I can.

ON THE GO: We were constantly shooting during Coachella and in LA, jumping from place to place and organizing blog posts in between. Eating proper meals became the last thing on our schedule. Something that I realized a long time ago is that I just can’t function without properly eating – and I hate starving myself to the point where I’ll eat anything (looking at you, In-n-Out).

So, to avoid crashing or binging at the end of a long day, I try to always keep a banana and some almond butter in one of my bags. I know, sounds a little odd to be in the desert and start spreading almond butter on a banana, but hey, no shame here. It really keeps me going and provides a bit of protein, potassium and natural sugars.

I’m not going out of my way to find this snack or inconveniencing anyone else I’m travelling with – it just involves a little planning ahead. Any time we were at a gas station or Starbucks, I picked up a banana. And while we were constantly stopping at Walmart to grab a cases of water for the car, I picked up packets of almond butter along the way. Be aware of what is available to you and prep for the long hours ahead.

WHEN OUT AT RESTAURANTS: This one can be difficult, especially when 80% of most menus are filled with carbs, fried foods and meat. I usually skim most of these things and instantly go to the fish and salads. When I pick a deliciously cooked fish at a restaurant, I don’t feel like I’m cutting corners at all; it’s a luxury meal and packed with heathy vitamins. I always try to ask for more veggies or a side of avocado to make sure I’m not going to be walking away hungry. It’s not that I don’t ever indulge at restaurants – I might just opt to share the chef’s special with someone at the table instead of diving in solo.

JUICING: I have to admit I haven’t done a full juice cleanse. Gasp! How dare I? No, I’m not lying when I post about them on instagram… I do incorporate 100% natural juices into my everyday routine, I just don’t complete them in a cycle. I recently tried out Project Juice 6-pack juices in LA and absolutely loved them. They became saviours in my bag and were the perfect accompaniment to my banana-almond game.

Other favourites that I grab any chance I get: Berries, coconut shavings, coconut water, walnuts and RAW-bite bars.

Happy (& healthy) eating!


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  • Great tips, I’m definitely struggling with my healthy eating when I’m walking around on vacation in horrible heat. x

  • Nico

    What great tips!

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    lb-lc fashion blog| Bloglovin’

  • Melisa Demir

    Great to hear that you find another way to survive haha. No but seriously that’s great news. Often people go with a muffin or just go with junk food. But you find your way out. Nice to know these tips, not that I’m traveling often, but on vacation or something it’s great to have these tips in my head. X

  • Great tips…During my daily routine it is easy for me to eat healthy but on vacation it is really hard and I often start to eat crap.
    xo Kristina

  • Fashion Rookie

    My mom is vegetarian and eats quite healthy, like my entire family.
    So she is already worrying about her eating habits during our 3 week vacation in the Unites States and Canada in summer.
    Especially in the states all of these burgers and pancakes are tempting, but after some time of not healty food, I´m always happy to have a nice salad for a change.

    xx julia