Get the Look: Matte Lips

I use a combination of these three MAC products:

Taupe” Matte Lipstick / Lip Erase / “Hover” Lip Liner Pencil 


Start with MAC “Hover” Lip Liner Pencil. Outline your lips and then fill them in completely with the pencil.


This is the look you will get with only the lip liner. Now, it’s time to layer.


Cover entire lips with MAC “Taupe” Lipstick.


Dab a small amount of MAC Lip Erase or concealer on your finger tip, then dab only in the centre of your lips. This creates a nice ombre look.


Massage lips together, slightly. All done!


Kylie Jenner’s lips have been in the spotlight lately and despite all the opinions about her alleged lip injections, I really do like the colour and lip liner combinations she uses. So I decided a few weeks ago to create the same look on myself — the lipstick, not the plastic surgery. It’s a simple three-step application and can work with a lot of different shades. I’m a huge fan of MAC Taupe Lipstick and Hover Lip Liner. It complements my darker skin tone very well and finishes off just about every autumn look.


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