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Sunglasses: LE SPECS 


I’m a true believer in simplicity being the ultimate form of sophistication. Good shape, clean lines and solid colours are my answer to just about every outfit decision. It’s important to know what works best for you; what you feel the most confident and comfortable in. After years of trying so many different styles, I’m confident now in what I truly love when it comes to picking clothes. Once you identify your style, it makes shopping and getting dressed a 100 per cent easier.


For today’s look I teamed up with FASHION ID, along with seven other bloggers, to show how individual our styles are. I find this so interesting because we were able to come up with completely unique looks using just 10 pieces of clothing between us. For me, I love pairing a loose-knit sweater with a structured skirt to give the overall look great shape with a feminine touch. What is your FASHION ID and what look do you identify with the most? 


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  • Naelle Oip

    what a great outfit! it’s absolutely that kind of style that i would have chosen too!

    xxx from Paris!

  • Charlotte

    Now I’m thinking about wether I should buy the skirt or shouldn’t. But I’m sure that I really love this combination! Great style…

    Love, Charlotte
    Come as Carrot

    • It’s such a classic, you won’t regret it!

  • Christina Storm

    I love this look! The mix of textures is perfect!

    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina