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September to me means the start of something new; summer has ended, and the smell of fall reminds me of being a child again, getting ready for the school year, and I turn one year older. These are all small details that keep me motivated during the month and kick me into tackling that never-ending to-do list – which led me to cleaning out our entire apartment the other day, one of those cleanings that involved organizing the contents of every cupboard, box, shelf, and wardrobe. It’s the type of cleanse where you’re halfway through, look around you, and think, ‘Why did I start this? Will I ever make it out?’


But now that I’ve been living in this spotless apartment for the past week, I can confirm the luxuries of purging the unnecessary. The main area I tackled was my closet, and it was the best thing I accomplished this month. Seriously. My wardrobe areas were getting ridiculous; I had collected so many things I hadn’t worn in years, only worn once, or were not my style anymore. I had shoved them to the bottom drawers that I ignored, layered them under coats on a clothing rack behind my bedroom door, and had piled up shoes that started collecting dust.


I finally gutted everything, looked at each piece, and asked myself one simple question: have I worn it in the past 6 months? If the answer was no, it went in the reject pile. Soon enough that pile grew a metre high and I could start to see empty hangers, the bottom of the drawer, and the floor behind the bedroom door. It felt so damn good.


You need to keep your closet a sane place because I feel it really can impact the way you put yourself together. I now know exactly where everything is and getting dressed is stress-free; I can see my true sense of style hanging there, neatly and colour coordinated.


Now, onto the DIY: I’ve yet to have the luxury of a walk-in closet at home. One day, but for now I have to make do with a small space and the closet-less nature of apartment layouts in Germany. Solution: I moved out to the hallway! I now have a little corner in my home that I’ve claimed as an extension of my closet.


I started by placing my favourite and upcoming pieces for blog shoots on a clothing rack. I brought out pretty boxes and bags I’d been keeping, which I’m using for my clutches and big necklaces. I hung up some magazine spreads, inspirational quotes, a mirror that I bought at a flea market months ago, and tah-dah, my little DIY closet came together. I still have some work to do on it – I want to add some shelves and a sheer curtain – but for now it’s a great way to maximize otherwise limited space. As for the clothes I got rid of, half went to a women’s shelter and the half that was still cute and stylish went to my sister.


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  • Su nd Chris

    Wow, soo tolle Sachen! Den Kleiderschrank hätte ich auch gerne!

    Liebe Grüße Su

  • I know exactly how it feels and what you mean by ” luxury of purging the unnecessary”. I am literally about doing the same 🙂

    This is such an inspiring post….Really, thank you for sharing <3

    Love from Vienna,

    Mahshid مهشید

    • You are welcome! It’s crazy what a little space can do for your mind x

  • I found you on Instagram and so thankful I did!!! Purging is on my list of things to do…but I am dreading it!

    • So glad you did! It’s annoying but totally worth it!

  • Helen Veyna

    I have the same problem of having a very small closet to put all my stuff. I love the idea of picking a space in your house to be an extension of your closet. Thanks so much for sharing this idea.


  • We love what you’ve created! Making the best of a small space can be challenging but also forces you to think outside the box – resulting in beautiful outcomes such as this! xoxo

    • Thank you! Sometimes you have to get creative with a small space.

  • Mandy

    Ahh your makeshift closet looks so cute! I soo need to get myself a clothing rack… xo


  • chantelle

    The 6 month rule is my favorite. I’m known in my family and group of friends for being the girl who purges her closet and office space/books frequently. Hallelujah for more room and sanity!

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  • Sabi

    Loving the whole look of the closet. Really inspiring.

  • Jennifer Cordeiro

    Just read this and I’m excited to clean out my closet again! Tonight’s task after all my beautiful black friday and boxing day purchases!