Citizen M Hotel London


Your hotel stay during fashion week is nothing like that of a vacation – meetings and appointments replace trips to the beach, and sleeping in just isn’t in the cards. And sometimes that’s exactly how I prefer it.

I spent three days at the exceptionally designed citizenM Bankside, the perfect boutique hotel for those looking for great Wi-Fi and a strong Americano. Business travellers and local young professionals alike filled the hotel’s stylish lobby, featuring a mix of workspace setups that included a communal table, modern high-top desks and leather lounges. Design books and all the major dailies were spread throughout the space, as were power outlets, and courteous 24-hour food and beverage service was always enticing.

I especially loved all of the unique design elements mixed into the hotel’s interior, from playful contemporary light fixtures to a winding wooden staircase spiraling up from the lobby. A highlight, of course, was the king-size bed each room is equipped with that stretches across an entire side of the room, touching all three walls. Basically, my dream brought to reality. The Samsung tablet controlling everything from the room’s mood lighting and temperature to on-demand TV was a nice touch as well. It’s so interesting to see how innovative hotels have become with personalization.

It was so great to come back to an inviting space after a full day on heels and start editing photos and arranging my Google calendar for the next day – work really did feel like pleasure.

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