Cashmere & Leather

Photography by: The Styleograph

Leggings: VILLA
Boots: ZARA (similar here)

 It’s been a busy week on my end, which I tend to always love. I had a couple of shoots at the beginning of the week, one being a video that was a fun change of pace, and I’ll also be taking part in a fun editorial shoot tomorrow. I really love this part of the job because it gets you away from the usual day to day blogging tasks and keeps things interesting, a little unpredictable, and you always get to meet the most amazing, hardworking people.

Keeping busy is a positive trait of mine but it also can be a fault. I was watching the Joan Rivers documentary the other night and she said that a blank page on her day planner scares the hell out of her. I found myself in complete agreement. A blank page in a day planner is scary, especially when you are working for yourself. That blank page can represent so many fears; the fear that no one is longer interested, that you aren’t exceeding expectations, or that you aren’t working hard enough.

Blogging for yourself is just like owning your own business, and as much as that blank page motivates me, I’m trying to realize to also take it day by day and enjoy each project in its moment instead of thinking about what’s next. Blogging is an incredibly exposed job, which means you are constantly being confronted with the success stories of others (hourly, to be honest). But instead of comparing, I’m now admiring, appreciating and learning from them. Since I always get a lot of emails about blogging and what advice I would give, I really think a lot of new bloggers out there to can find value in this quote:

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” 


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