Both Sides of the Lens


Photography by Maximilian Motel

The focus of my second day in Milan was on meetings during the day and shows at night. We also managed to squeeze in some time to experience the city; creating engaging lifestyle content when I’m abroad is just as important to me as the sartorial side. This post is exactly that, merging a few of my favourite aspects of fashion, photography, technology and travel.

I had the chance to play around with this HTC Re Camera (photo above) during my stay in Milan, and let me tell you, it’s the best new gadget in my purse. No larger than a tube of lipstick, it takes amazing HD-quality photos with a wide angle lens at surprisingly quick speed. The highlight for me is that it connects to your phone via bluetooth and instantly transfers your photos – obviously directly to Instagram.

I was interested to learn more about the development behind this camera, so Vicky (Bikinis & Passports), Anna (Fashion Hippie Loves), and I spent an afternoon with stylist, DJ and media personality Alexis Knox, the pro on both sides of the lens. We discussed different topics about the world of blogging, from the rise of influencer marketing to social media strategy, content quality, and the power of the selfie.

Alexis has collaborated with HTC smartphones and their new Re Camera to teach the art of the perfect selfie, even launching an online #selfieschool to share her tips and tricks on striking the ideal pose. You can join the conversation or ask a question on Twitter by using the hashtag #selfieschool.

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