Bodysuit: RONNY KOBO
Jeans: RAG & BONE

Photography by: ERIN LEYDON

Let’s get real here girls and talk about dressing for your body. No matter the size, I’m sure we all have areas that we have to accommodate for when buying clothes. For me, it’s always been my chest and I have found it (or them) to be the most difficult asset to style over the years. I’m sure there are people who will read this and think I’m complaining over something that a lot of women wish to have, but I find that to be completely unfair, as there are two sides to every story. Just as much as people wish to have bigger boobs, the ladies who got them sometimes wish they didn’t!

With all that said, I have grown to appreciate them as much as possible and most importantly I’ve learned what looks best on my body. I’ve accepted that certain tops that might look good on a smaller chest, probably won’t look the same on mine. I have realized that oversized sweaters aren’t always the most flattering from certain angles, that a good bra can change a lot and that bodysuits like the one I wore here, accentuate my body in the best way possible. My point is, dress for you body, take notes from someone who has your similar shape, realize that not every tend is suited for every body type and most importantly grow to love what you have and then work it to the best of your abilities.

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  • Such a beautiful outfit! So in love with the color combo and especially so in love with the bag! <3

  • Eni

    Beautiful color combination and I love how your tattoos can be seen with this open-back bodysuit! Although I’m “on the other side of the story” I totally agree with you!

  • Christelle

    I can understand your point of view! We all have parts in our body that we don’t like… But still, you look beautiful in this bodysuit!

    xo, Christelle

  • Su nd Chris

    Awesome photos! Love the suede jacket!

    xx Su

  • Beautiful Tattoo!!
    ♥ Nissi
    Instagram // Bloglovin

  • omg i totally HEAR you on your body “problem” — what i would give to be able to rock a deep-plunge/deep-V-neck top like some of my friends can… they think i’m crazy when i say that i wish i was smaller-chested sometimes!
    xo, coco |

  • I love how honest you are and inspire others to feel good with their bodies! You look really great in this bodysuit and jeans. Perfect and natural!

    AGNESE from

  • Kirsten Wick

    I love this post. I’m ‘struggling’ with the very same so I can totally relate. You look perfect by the way. Much love, Kirsten xx

  • Nilla Austin

    Very well said! I’m really small chested and it used to get to me sometimes, but you have to learn to love the body that you’ve been blessed with. I love the bodysuit!

  • Oh I can SO relate on the “oversized sweaters look bad from certain angles” thing. I get so jealous of my flat chested friends when it comes to this. No one wants to look like a tent! 🙂

  • Loving the look so much <3 It's so true – everyone has concerns over their own body, and it's hard for others to understand. I'm always so self-conscious of my thighs, but I've learned to buy pants that have certain cuttings that make them appear slimmer, or I tend to wear skirts/dresses that hit just a bit above mid-thigh 🙂 Thank you so much for this post! You look amazing as always!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Amanda Mercado

    I completely know the feeling. It can be hard to remember you should dress for your body and not necessarily just follow trends or buy something because you like the way it looks on someone else. I’m a HUGE fan of bodysuits and Ronny Kobo are the best! You look fabulous.

  • Melanie Love

    Agreed! Rock what you’ve got. We all have areas we don’t like, especially when we fall into the trap of comparison.
    Also feel your pain with the #bigboobprobs. They’re tricky to work around! I launched my line to tackle the problem of desk-to-dinner clothes for the well-endowed woman. I think you’d be a fan of our silk utility shirt (LMK!)
    Thanks for the post. You look great just as you are!
    – Melanie Love, the brains & boobs behind
    PS We’re made in Canada

  • Maria

    what kind of bra would you wear with this type of bodysuit?