Kayla Seah is the inspiration and creativity behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Not Your Standard. Once based in Berlin, Germany, the now Toronto-based blogger eloquently combines a classic piece with a modern twist illustrated through her everyday personal style, décor, and inspirational recipes. Her flare and minimalistic approach to design and style is what draws in her audience and makes her looks achievable.

Not Your Standard officially launched in late 2012, but like all great products, there is a world full of inspiration behind the lens – quite literally in this case. Kayla provides a woman’s guide on how to wear the basics that are already in your closet while introducing new seasonal trends. Of Italian-Chinese heritage, she comfortably embraces the cultures and experiences that present themselves and she so beautifully communicates that back to her audience. Her content is timeless, consistent, and always true to her personal style.

After completing her degree in Fashion Design & Communication and living in NYC for a summer, Kayla knew that the world had so much to offer and so she made the grand leap across the pond to Berlin, Germany for three years, never taking one moment or experience for granted. Looking forward to the next chapter in her life, Kayla decided to return to North America and now lives in the heart of Toronto where she can embrace all the inspiration the wonderful city has to offer.

Blooming since Not Your Standard was born in 2012, Kayla has worked with a wide range of brands all over the world including, but not limited to, Calvin Klein, Maybelline, KENZO, Lancôme, Sephora, MAJE, Jimmy Choo, SAMSUNG, and Estée Lauder, alongside being featured in publications such as WhoWhatWear, In Style Magazine, The Zoe Report, The Huffington Post, and cover of Flare Magazine.


“Create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Orsen Welles