A Round Up of My Travels

LOCATION:Toronto / LA / Mexico

Taking pictures is one of my favourite things about travelling. I absolutely love being inspired behind the lens and I usually can’t wait to get home and edit through everything. Every time I turn a corner, I’m on the lookout for the perfect shot and moment to capture. If you’ve been following my travel posts the last few months then you will know I’ve been shooting with the Olympus PEN Generation camera.

I can’t say enough good things about this camera, it’s incredibly easy to use and it is constantly impresses me with quality results. I have a few different lenses that I work with, depending on the atmosphere and setting. It’s the perfect size for me to travel with, I can fit it in almost all bags and it’s not too heavy to carry around all day. These photos are a round up of some of my favourite shots from the destinations I’ve been to in the last few months, from Toronto, LA, to Mexico. I’m also excited to announce that some of my photos will be shown in the Olympus Fashion Photo Gallery during Berlin Fashion Week! I will share more information on that soon, until then you can see all my travel diaries here.

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