Back in December I decided to do a 5 day juice & vegan cleanse from one of my favourite vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the city, Fresh. It was right before the holidays, and I knew I would be indulging quite a bit over the next couple of weeks, which made it an optical time to reboot my system. The cleanse was a combination of about 4-5 juices a day and two small vegan salads that were all delivered fresh to my door. The entire service from Fresh and the quality of the ingredients were absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a juice cleanse. Now, let’s get down to the real talk, what did I really think of the cleanse?

MORNINGS: My mornings have always been my favourite part of the day. I love a healthy breakfast and you know by now I love my coffee. Saying goodbye to those for 5 days was one of the tougher things in the beginning but I surprised myself by day 4, I was actually starting to crave the juice in the morning. However, a life without coffee in the morning is not something I would ever be okay with in the long run.

DINNER & LUNCH: I was allowed to eat a small vegan salad at lunch and dinner, which I thought I would be completely fine with, since I actually eat salad every day anyways. These two small salads definitely made the cleanse easier and if it’s your first time cleansing, than I would highly recommend easing your body into it this way. As much as the salads did fill me up a bit more than a regular juice, everything started tasting pretty much the same after day 3 and watching my boyfriend eat warm meals beside me made it that much more difficult.

BENEFITS: I love how this entire process becomes a good challenge,  I think it’s important to switch up your eating habits and see how different foods can really affect your overall body and mind. I did feel really good by the end of the week and that allowed me to be a lot easier on myself when I wanted to indulge in the next few days. However, you should know that indulging for me is not eating a tub of ice cream or an entire pizza, it’s was more about opening that bottle of wine and having some good cheese with friends.

Did I really notice a huge difference? To be honest, not really, but I don’t think that this particular juice cleanse is about dropping weight or noticing any major physical changes. I think a big factor here is that I eat healthy about 90% of the time already, I have always been an advocate on maintaining a healthy lifestyle so eating that many veggies wasn’t really new for my body. I think if you don’t eat that healthy or if you eat a lot of carbs and meats than you will definitely notice a lot more changes in your body over those 5 days. The worst thing for me, was that I felt extremely exhausted the first few days. By 2:00 PM, I was crashing and felt like I could take a nap instead of heading to the gym. I felt generally slower during my work outs and that was a huge negative about the entire cleanse.

Would I do it again? Yes, but on a few different terms. I would make sure to cleanse during a slower work week and perhaps after vacation to notice more changes.

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  • great post, thanks for sharing the experience. I don’t know if I would ever do a complete cleanse, what I have done in the past is go a week of eating completely clean food, nothing processed or sugary and such. That was a great experience and I didn’t have the crashes that you mentioned!

  • That sounds awesome! What a great post, definitely a good idea to reboot your system ever so often. I will definitely have to try it.

    xx, Fatima


  • Emily Austin

    I’ve always been wary about juice cleanses, because most people do say it’s really hard, they felt exhausted in the afternoon and were always hungry. But this sounds so much better adding small salads to get you through it. I may try something like this, but giving up coffee for even five days would be so hard for me too!


  • I’ve been nervous about doing a cleanse because I’m worried my work performance would suffer. I have very low blood pressure and already struggle sometimes with dizziness or the shakes so going on a cleanse makes me worried. That being said, you make a great point about instead incorporating those kinds of food more into our daily diets and forgoing the juice cleanse.

  • I’ve heard so much about juice cleanses, and I’ve been wanting to try it, just to see how it’s like for myself. Thank you so much for your honest review about how you felt, not only physically, but mentally as well 🙂 Haha and don’t worry, I’m like you too – I can’t imagine my life without coffee! 😛

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Sam

    you are such a great Person
    love your style and thanks for your honesty
    absolutely my fav blog